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Welcome to the Flower Explosion Alliance! We are constantly adding new varieties of wholesale flowers to our website.

Wholesale Fresh Cut Flowers By Varities and Colors Online

Flowerexplosion.com is the only place to shop for fresh cut flowers delivered straight to your door year-round. We specialize in every type of flower from premium roses in countless shades and varieties to lilies, gerberas, carnations and more. If you are planning a special event, we offer packages of affordable flowers for weddings that will make your party more colorful and your photos more beautiful. We source all of our flowers from South American and European farms and deliver them via fast, free shipping. We know that it takes perfect timing to deliver fresh flowers and we send out our flowers right after cutting to make sure they arrive in peak form.

If you are looking for wholesale fresh cut flowers, Flowerexplosion.com offers free shipping and discounts on all orders of bulk flowers. There is no match for the quality and freshness of our flowers, whether you want one of our exclusive rose varieties or hope to brighten an occasion with sunflowers orpeonies. Our selection continues to grow by the day and we are constantly adding new flower types. Please call and check if you don’t see a flower listed, as we probably have it in stock! Our farm headquarters in Ecuador ships out every type of flower at all times of the year.

Rose lovers can choose from our unparalleled selection at Flowerexplosion.com. The Raphaela and Hot Lady Pink Rose are just two examples of the stunning colors we grow on our South American farms. Other colors include, peach, yellow, white, Amsterdam Salmon and Green Tea. These fresh cut bulk roses will make any event glow with color and can make your photos even more attractive when looking back at a great day in time. We respond to each individual order to make sure our flowers arrive fresh to you. There is no wasted time between cutting and packing your flowers, which ultimately is the difference in freshness.

Besides roses, Flower Explosion features many more types of affordable wedding flowers wholesale. The Flowers of the Gods (what we normally call Carnations) are perfect for anniversaries and weddings. Our exclusive burgundy and white variety will turn heads for any occasion, while our classic lavender, peach and white varieties never disappoint. Mini carnations and standard size carnations are popular as alternatives to roses on wedding days and Flower Explosion can ship the most beautiful versionsto you for any special day. Ask about our free shipping to all fifty states and our wholesale discounts.

Flower Explosion is your source for wholesale fresh cut flowers and smaller orders whenever you have a special occasion. There is no comparison for the effect of vibrant flowers in a room or at an outdoor wedding. Flowerexplosion.com has perfected the art of packing and shipping fresh flowers so they arrive to you in the best condition.

We have chrysanthemums, delphiniums, gerberas, anthuriums,orchids, peonies, tulips and more. If you don’t see a flower on our website, call us to find out about availability. Flower Explosion will brighten your occasion in a memorable way!

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