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Tinted Roses

Flower Explosion is Americas #1 tinted rose supplier! Our State-of-the-Art tinting method ensures that each petal is carefully dyed preserving the rose's health. These novelty flowers are great for parties and events. If you would like to order custom tinted roses please call us. We will be happy to assist you!

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Mixed Rainbow Roses

Mixed Tinted Roses

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Wholesale Tinted Rainbow Roses For Sale Online

While Flower Explosion provides some of the most colorful and exotic roses in the world, we also provide tinted rainbow roses for our customers’ enjoyment. Tinted roses have become more popular in recent years as advanced dyeing techniques have given us more options. We can turn the whitest rose into a pitch-black rose (if so desired) and add all the colors of a rainbow in random or controlled patterns to any rose. Our flowers will turn heads in their natural state, but they can be more appealing after being dyed by Flower Explosion’s specialists.

Theme parties can become truly color-coordinated when you add rainbow colored roses to the mix. Flower Explosion features tinted blue, green, purple, black, lollipop and many combinations of colors in our roses for sale. Black roses can make a very fashionable impression or add flair to a gothic-themed party, while the combinations of colors can make a team or holiday party an even more special event. As with any order from, you will get the freshest flowers available, tinted the day before shipping and sent via Fed Ex to your door.

Our shipping methods are in place to make sure you are always getting the freshest flowers from the best farms in South America. Flower Explosion sources all flowers from Europe and our prime locations in Ecuador. With our Southern Hemisphere headquarters in Quito, we make sure everything gets off the farm quickly and into your hands. Our tinted roses and rainbow colored roses are painted the day they are cut to assure best quality. For every order, allow for at least one week so we can be sure the flowers are sent to you in peak freshness. is your home for premium roses. Once they arrive at your door, you should hydrate them and watch the petals bloom for full color and vibrancy. Once you take your rainbow roses out of the box and place to enjoy, you will see why they are considered among the world’s best. Our roses can be kept for almost a full two weeks and they will provide color and the naturally enchanting aroma you expect from freshly cut flowers for the duration.

Whether you want some of our naturally gorgeous roses, gerbera, chrysanthemums, callas, carnations or rainbow roses, Flower Explosion will fill your order promptly and ship it while the flowers are still brimming with life. Adding these vibrant colors to a room will make it instantly more enchanting. Ask about our packages that include bags of rose petals if you are planning a wedding or find out how to make an anniversary or any holiday more special with our exotic flowers. takes pride in every order and we keep our prices affordable so you keep coming back for more.