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Lavender Petals

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Lavender Rose Petals

We are experts on Rose Petals! At Flower Explosion you will find great and fragrant collections of bulk fresh rose petals.

Live and create the most beautiful and exciting celebrations. Make your wedding or sweet-sixteen party unique, these pink petals are the most evocative detail that you can add to your special occasion.

We offer packs of 4 bags (around 1.300 petals) for a small celebration or a romantic evening, 7, 13 and even 26 bags (10.000 about petals) for weddings and larger events.

Please note that the amount of petals indicated per bag is an estimate based on an average weight of 200 gr. per bag. Depending on the petals size there may be a variation of the number of petals per bag of more or less 15%.
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How much space will my petals cover?5.000 petals is enough to cover an area of 135 sq ft. That is about an average bedroom. 10.000 petals is enough to cover an area of 279 sq ft. That is a bedroom plus the average distance between the living room and the bedroom! Enough to cover a wedding chapel hall or a dance floor with a thin layer of petals.

All our petals come from premium class roses. Even if it seems the opposite, producing our rose petals bags actually involve more work than sending you complete roses.

Extra Information

Flower Explosion uses FedEx to ship all of our orders. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been processed and received by FedEx.

We encourage you to contact FedEx at 1 800-GO-FEDEX to know at what time your roses will be delivered. Please arrange to have somebody home to ensure proper delivery. Please check your shipping address carefully as well as your phone number.

Any order changes may be penalized with a $5 fee. If your order has been shipped, we cannot do any change or cancelation. For further information please read our terms and conditions.

Our prices are constantly being updated depending on our farms’ availability and the market price.

Color Lavender
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  • Add about 5 inches of water to a clean vase.
  • Add flower food to the water. A spoon of vinegar or an aspirin tablet or also works.
  • Whatever foliage there is below the water line should be removed. You may also remove any discolored petal.
  • Cut the end of the stem of the flowers diagonally. This helps for a better hydration.
  • Place the flowers on the prepared solution.
  • Leave the cellophane packing around the flowers for at least 5 hours so they can hydrate better.
  • Change the water every 3 days.
Do's & Don'ts
  • Do not let the roses receive direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
  • Leave the roses in a warm area or spot if you want them to bloom.
  • Leave the roses in a cooler area if you want to slow down the opening process.
  • If a flower wilts or becomes limp, remove it from the arrangement. Then cut the bottom inch of the stem and place the flower into flower food solution for about an hour. It´s better if the water is warm. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 359 ratings and reviews