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Edible Dark Pink Roses

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Dark Pink Edible Rose

Cooking and garnishing with flowers is back in vogue! These edible dark pink roses are USDA-organic certified, which means that they are produced completely without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

These roses are great for chocolate fondues, salads, or decorative yet edible elements on any dish. Edible roses are packed in bunches of 25 bulk roses.

Stem length available: Regular (50cm to 60cm)
Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.

Important Recommendations:

Wash all flowers thoroughly before you eat them. Roses do not require to be cooked. Remove pistils and stamens from flowers before eating. Stems are NOT edible.

Introduce flowers into your diet in small quantities. Too much of a good thing may cause problems for your digestive system.

Did you know?These Ecuadorian premium-class roses are known for their long vase life time of at least 12 days after being cut.
Flower Explosion recommends you to schedule a delivery date 2 days prior your event.
Stem Length Conversion40 cm = 16 in
50 cm = 20 in
60 cm = 24 in
70 cm = 28 in
Extra Information

The packaging process occurs at the farm, where a certified worker will prepare your roses for their journey.
Your flowers won’t arrive looking as gorgeous as they really are. This is NORMAL. Once the rose is hydrated, the bloom will open. You will witness the magic of a flower explosion!

Flower Explosion uses FedEx to ship all of our orders. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been processed and received by FedEx.

We encourage you to contact FedEx at 1 800-GO-FEDEX to know at what time your roses will be delivered. Please arrange to have somebody home to ensure proper delivery. Please check your shipping address carefully as well as your phone number.

Any order changes may be penalized with a $5 fee. If your order has been shipped, we cannot do any change or cancelation. For further information please read our terms and conditions.

Our prices are constantly being updated depending on our farms’ availability and the marker price.

Color Pink
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  • Add about 5 inches of water to a clean vase.
  • Add flower food to the water. A spoon of vinegar or an aspirin tablet or also works.
  • Whatever foliage there is below the water line should be removed. You may also remove any discolored petal.
  • Cut the end of the stem of the flowers diagonally. This helps for a better hydration.
  • Place the flowers on the prepared solution.
  • Leave the cellophane packing around the flowers for at least 5 hours so they can hydrate better.
  • Change the water every 3 days.
Do's & Don'ts
  • If you have allergies, introduce edible flowers gradually, as they may aggravate some allergies.
  • Leave the roses in a warm area or spot if you want them to bloom.
  • Leave the roses in a cooler area if you want to slow down the opening process.
  • It's easy and very attractive to use flowers for garnish on plates or for decoration, but avoid using NON-edible flowers this way. Many people believe that anything on the plate can be eaten. They may not know if the flower is edible or not and may be afraid to ask..

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