Fresh Flowers

For weddings and special events

Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses? Find the answers here! ;)

Fresh Flowers - For weddings and special events

How to DIY a Spring-Worthy Floral Crown


1/4 flower crown

Flowers are one of the best parts of spring. Their bright colors and scents are fresh, fun, and a simple (yet always elegant) way to cheer up the place. No longer are we just viewing these beauties on our kitchen tables, we’re wearing them as floral crowns. (Even the quickest of Pinterest searches will pop with all kinds of flower crowns.)

And considering the perks, it’s not hard to see why. Flower pieces are beautiful, customizable, and they smell incredible. It’s also an easy way to liven up any outfit or hairstyle.

To take on this trend for yourself, all you need is a little knowhow, supplies, and of course, plenty of flowers.

What You’ll Need

Supplies for DIY Floral Crown

Fresh Flower Crown Tutorial

Start by trimming down stems so they’re two-three inches each), and removing leaves. (You can keep these on hand for filler if you like.) Next, shape your crown. Take the wire and measure on your head; use several strands in order to make a sturdy base. Elastic or a pre-shaped crown can also be used, though the wire will allow for more versatility.

Now, it’s time to start adding the flowers!

Start with one at a time until you get a feel for the process. Hold a flower against the wire (hold by the stem for a better grip) and attach as tightly as possible. Here you can use the wire – wrap and twist for extra support – or the floral tape for a cleaner finish. In this example, we used wire and then covered with floral tape at the end. This helped make the crown sturdy, but without sacrificing a polished look.

Attach Flowers with Wire and Tape

Keep adding flowers around the crown in whatever pattern you desire. Note: the closer the flowers are together, the fuller the final piece. (Which will also add more weight.) Make sure each flower is firmly attached as you go.


Now it’s time to decide what type of variation you’d like to make. Wrap flowers around the entire piece for 360 degrees of hair décor. This will take the most inventory, but can create a beautiful view from all angles.

Flowers All Around Crown

Another variation can be done with half (or three-quarters) of the crown. Then tucking hair in the back for an elegant and polished look. (Easiest wedding hair ever!) Pair that with a decorative headpiece or beads and leave the hair down, or combine both of the above for yet another incredible style.

Or, stick to a headband for flowers in the front and free-flowing hair in the back.

Hair Down in Back Flower Crown

One of the biggest perks about this project is that it can be tailored to many different preferences. Simply switch up flowers, placement, embellishments, and more for a beautiful take on your own hairpiece.

And in whatever style you prefer, use bobby pins to hold securely in place.


To keep your floral crown fresh, store it in the fridge when not in use. Spritz with water and keep in the crisper section, such as a drawer, which will offer more protection.


Text by: Bethaney Wallace

Photos by: Demiurge Photography

7 Easy DIY Wedding Ideas from Creative Experts

7 easy diy wedding ideasPlanning a wedding on a budget, or just love to get creative and do-it-yourself?  There are endless ways you can bring your imagination into play to get creative with your wedding, and endless benefits too!  You can get a more personal look and feel as well as more unique results when you DIY, and you can also get more involved in planning, which is a fun process all in itself, and something else to remember.  And who knows—the ideas you showcase online with your wedding photos afterwards could inspire others!  Here is a roundup of some of our favorite DIY wedding tips from creative experts!

 1. Use chalkboard paint

chalkboard menu

Chalkboard paint is all the rage these days!  You can use it to coat any surface you can think of, and once it dries, you can write on it with chalk and erase it as many times as you want, just like an actual chalkboard.  Chalkboard paint is cheap and easy to use, and it has a really whimsical look.  Carrie Waller at Dream Green DIY had an ornate old frame with a destroyed painting in it gifted to her by a friend.  In parts 1 and 2, discover how she transforms it from trash to treasure, and eventually turns it into a beautiful menu at her catering table!  Not only is this a great idea for displaying a menu, but you could also use chalkboard paint to create signs telling people how to get to your wedding at the venue, to label seats, and more!  What a cool idea!

2. Use flowers in creative, unexpected ways

Floral Bicycle

Just look at this beautiful floral bicycle over on Style Me Pretty (a great website for hundreds of amazing DIY wedding ideas!).  This is a really easy DIY project with an incredibly beautiful result.  Sometimes out-of-the-box thinking with flowers has some incredible results.  You can use flowers at your wedding for so much more than just centerpieces and bouquets!

3. Head out to nature

nature wedding

Don’t have the budget to get married in a fancy wedding venue with a beautiful garden, but fancy an unforgettable outdoor wedding?  Why not get married in nature?  That’s what Aleah and Zach decided to do when they shared their wedding with Offbeat Bride.  They decided to get married in the mountains in Colorado.  “It’s cheaper,” Aleah writes, “it’s colder (but not terrible, and it’s beautiful.”  And it is; the photographs (by Kelly Sarah Photography, and Blue Skies Inn, who took the one shown above) came out absolutely beautifully, full of color and dappled light.  You’ll notice that like Carrie Waller suggests in #6 below, they also decided to go with a variety of colors for their wedding flowers instead of just a few.  This works very nicely with the forest environment, and really helps to make the wedding décor stand out against the green and brown of the backdrop.

4. DIY photo booths

diy photo booth

You may know Lauren Conrad best from “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” on MTV, but she’s also a skilled designer with her own design blog.  One great idea that Lauren shares for DIY weddings is DIY photo booths!  “No matter what backdrop you choose, setting up a DIY photo booth is a lot easier than you think.  If you don’t have a photographer to man it, you can simply set up a tripod with a Polaroid or digital camera on a timer.”  These photos are very shareable too; they are a lot of fun to upload to Facebook the next day!  What a fun way to capture wedding memories in style.

5. Arrange your own wedding flowers

diy bouquet

This idea comes from the Creature Comforts blog.  Ez Pudewa decided that rather than simply buy a wedding bouquet from the store for her sister’s wedding, she would instead try her hand at crafting one herself.  She did head to the florist in order to buy the blooms, and writes, “The versions I came up with were limited by what was available in stores (since I was only practicing and didn’t want to spend too much money hunting down specific blooms).  Still, she had no problem matching her sister’s wedding colors and coming up with some gorgeous, professional-looking designs.

Also of interest, Ms. Pudewa writes, “We recently decided to shift the theme to include some soft peachy colors for a day that has more of a relaxed ‘walk in the garden’ feeling about it.”  So here we have yet another example of how flowers can inspire the rest of your wedding décor!

6. Don’t worry about wedding colors

diy wedding flowers


Another great tip from Carrie Waller concerns wedding colors and flowers.  “Instead of constricting ourselves to official ‘wedding colors,’ we let the in-season colorful blooms do all the talking,” she writes.  “In order to keep the variety of colors going, friends and family helped me make dozens of handmade paper medallions from scrapbook paper, dowel rods and oversized buttons.”

It’s a beautiful effect.  When you confine yourself to specific colors for weddings, you can get a nice cohesive look and feel, but you also can end up limiting yourself.  Flowers are often at their best when you have a rich variety of colors.  If you start with that cornucopia of colors and design the rest of your wedding around it, you can have a fun, vivid result.

7. Etch champagne flutes

DIY Etched Champagne Flutes

If you’re looking for a great book resource for planning a wedding on a budget, The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue is a great source.  Dana also runs a website where she posts more great wedding tips, including DIY projects like these etched champagne flutes.  You might think something like custom-etched champagne flutes would be expensive or difficult to make, but they aren’t—they are surprisingly easy, and have an amazing effect!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of creative DIY wedding inspiration from real brides and wedding décor experts!  As you can see, there really are no limits to the beautiful effects you can achieve on a low budget when you use your imagination and are willing to try something a little different.  Have fun, and be sure to share your own DIY wedding inspiration with us in the comments!

(source for photo booth image)

10 Ways to Use Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is often used by florists as filler for arrangements, but these clouds of ethereal white and pink flowers can have a stunning effect when they are used on their own.  They are quite gorgeous in their own right, and are also versatile enough that they can be shaped to your needs.

They also last longer than a lot of other flowers, which makes it possible to prepare wedding arrangements made of baby’s breath a few days in advance.  Whether you are looking for something to use as a wedding centerpiece or just a sprig of flowers to embellish your décor, baby’s breath never fails.  Here are 10 amazing ways to use baby’s breath at your wedding!

1. Delicate baby’s breath garlands.

baby’s breath garlands

photo source

While these garlands feature more than just baby’s breath, baby’s breath definitely isn’t just playing the role of filler here!  These garlands have a soft elegance to them, and look so light and delicate you’d think they could float away on a breeze.  These garlands would work beautifully at any wedding, indoors or outdoors.  You could run them through the gardens and the dining room and the room where the cocktail hour is held.  They would be a perfect floral motif to tie the whole event together.

2. Hanging tin cans.

tin can babys breath

 photo source

This is a very cool idea for using baby’s breath in a unique, rustic way to dress up a table.  You could use this idea anywhere though where you can hang little tin cans.  They’d be perfect for embellishing the corners of a room or for hanging in the garden from a tree for the wedding reception or the ceremony itself.  Don’t they have a lovely festive vibe?  What a wonderful idea by Jesi Haack Design.

 3. Bridal bouquet

babys breath bouquet

 photo source

Here’s a very simple idea for using baby’s breath, but a great one; here, baby’s breath is being used as the filler flowers in the bridal bouquet, and the only flowers in the bridesmaid’s bouquets.  This is a wonderful idea if you are looking for flowers which will match literally any color scheme you can think of, including a monochromatic one like this.  Sometimes simplicity offers the utmost sophistication.  These baby’s breath bouquets add to the wedding photos, but do not distract the eye from what matters most—the people in them.

4. Baby’s breath in a barrel.


babys breath barrel

 photo source

Here is another rustic décor idea, this one borrowed from a wedding styled by Francis Event Designs and photographed by Cheryl Dawn Photography, Inc.  Everything about this wedding paid tribute to its rustic country setting, including the baby’s breath arrangements.  Baby’s breath was placed inside of rustic barrels for a great effect; these arrangements look absolutely weightless, like fluffy little clouds.

5. Baby’s breath monogram.

monogram chairsphoto source

Here’s a fun and clever way to make the bride and groom’s chairs stand out!  These monogrammed settings are very cute!  This is an idea you could really run with too.  Imagine all the creative shapes you could create out of baby’s breath.  The only limit here is your imagination.

6. Baby’s breath wreath.

 baby breath wreathphoto source

Wreaths always are a classic choice for décor at a wedding.  Wreaths made with baby’s breath are very eye-catching, and add a romantic touch to a wall or door.  Look how much these two wreaths stand out against the dark wood doors they are fronting!

7. Baby’s breath chandeliers.

 Babys-Breath-Chandelierphoto source

If you are looking for an idea that will really take your breath away, look no further than this baby’s breath “chandelier” hanging over the banquet table at this backyard Indiana wedding.  The fluffy globe of delicate blossoms really has a gorgeous effect!  If you follow the link, you will see many other beautiful uses of baby’s breath for the same wedding, including more baby’s breath chair monograms.

8. Decorate a drink glass

 cocktail baby breathphoto source

Here’s a unique idea for your cocktail hour!  Just look what a beautiful, unexpected touch this baby’s breath arrangement adds to this drink glass.  What a way to delight your guests and surprise them!  This makes for a beautiful photo as well, and is a great way to draw your guests into the atmosphere of your special day.

9. Simple baby’s breath arrangements in glass bottles.

 glass bottlesphoto source

These are really lovely, simple arrangements of baby’s breath sprigs in glass bottles.  There are no other flowers being used here, and the bottles are as minimalist as the baby’s breath itself.  What I really like about this arrangement is the way the baby’s breath all clouds together above the bottles.  The sparse, slender stems with the mass of baby’s breath above contributes to a weightless effect.

10. Bridal up-do.

 updophoto source

Finally, one more great way to use baby’s breath at your wedding is to wear it in your hair!  This is a beautiful up-do which has been embellished by baby’s breath.  Another idea would be to wear the baby’s breath in a garland around your head.  This look is particularly lovely though because it is so organic.  The little flowers really add a kind of “glow” to the bride’s blonde hair, almost like a natural halo.  On darker hair, they’d look beautiful too, standing out like stars with bold contrast.  What an elegant idea!

There are many clever and beautiful ways you can use baby’s breath to decorate for your wedding!  Florists like Flower Explosion specialize in creating different sizes of clusters of baby’s breath which are ideal for many different uses.  When you are planning a wedding with arrangements like these, you can get your arrangements done a couple days early, which makes it easier to set them all up in time for the big day.  It’s also a very affordable flower, which can keep your overall costs down.  And as you can see, the effect is quite phenomenal!

15 Flowers That Look Like…. errr Something Else

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we thought it was timely for everyone to start thinking about flowers again.  These flowers are so crazy they look fake but we can promise you that they are real.  Check it out.

(Dracula Simia) a.k.a Monkey Face Orchid

These orchids as creepy as they come with two beady little monkey eyes.

Monkey Orchid Flower


Monkey Orchid FlowerSource:

Monkey Face Orchid Flowers


(Phalaenopsis) a.k.a. The Moth Orchid

A striking resemblance to a moth



(Orchis Italica) a.k.a Naked Man Orchid

Are these NSFW?  Its pretty clear that these men are naked.




(Psychotria Elata) a.k.a Hooker’s Lips

Don’t get mad at us, we didn’t’ make up the name Hooker’s Lips.  We think red lipstick is a classy look.

Source: Unknown

(Impatiens Bequaertii) a.k.a. Dancing Girls

These might be the cutest.

Source: Unknown

(Ophrys bomybliflora) a.k.a Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid

Truly amazing…




(Anguloa Uniflora) a.k.a Swaddled Babies

Its looks pretty cozy in there for those babies

Source: Unknown

 (Impatiens Psittacina) a.k.a Parrot Flower

Very cool.

Source: Uknonwn


Snap Dragon Seed Pod (Antirrhinum)

These belong in Indiana Jones.

Source: Unknown

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana Major)

Ducks out of water.



Orchid That Looks Like A Tiger


(Calceolaria Uniflora) a.k.a Happy Alien

They do look pretty happy and alien-like.



Angel Orchid (Habenaria Grandifloriformis)

Angels apparently have very long limbs.



Orchid That Looks Like A Ballerina

A flower pirouette.


White Egret Orchid (Habenaria Radiata)



Darth Vader (Aristolochia Salvadorensis)

Also one of the creepiest on the list.



H/T Bored Panda & Pulptastic

These are some of the craziest flowers out there.  And believe us we know our flowers at Flower Explosion.  In fact we sell over 20 kinds of Orchids alone.  If you liked this please give it a share.

-Flower Explosion