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Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses? Find the answers here! ;)

Fresh Flowers - For weddings and special events

Roundup: 11 DIY Wedding Ideas and Flower Trends

Time for Our Fabulous Floral Round-Up!

Here at Flower Explosion, we love to keep up with news about flowers and check out flower trends and DIY wedding ideas from around the web.  Every day it seems like we’re discovering something amazing.  So here we want to share with you the best of the best of what we’ve been enjoying recently!

DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding Centerpieces:  This is a lovely collection of DIY wedding centerpiece ideas by Sahdia Qayyum.  These are all relatively simple ideas that use common flowers and supplies.  My favorite is the top one with the adorable little birdcages full of baby’s breath!  Simple and sweet!

Peony Cake Topper


Peony Power: 10 Ways to Use Peonies As Wedding Flowers:  Peonies are in season right now, and they are hugely popular this year!  And no wonder; they are a gorgeous explosion of color and look absolutely stunning in a wedding bouquet.  Check out some amazing peony bouquets here + a wedding topper and a table setting!

Chic Lakeside Country Club Wedding:  Have a look at the photos from this elegant country club wedding for classic, elegant flower inspiration.  I love the subtle colors in the bouquet and the way the flowers and leaves are draped loosely across the tables.  Gorgeous!

Emerald and Blush Woodlands Inspired Wedding:  The arrangements in this wedding photo collection really grabbed us.  The roses are classic and romantically old-fashioned, but the pheasant feathers add a real zing, and instantly grab your attention!  Very cool idea!

14 Fun Fourth of July Wedding Ideas:  Thinking of getting married on the 4th of July this year?  Here are some great ideas for adding a little patriotic flair to your special day.  I love that elegant red, white, and blue boutonnière, and that red bridal bouquet is just a warm bath of color!

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William’s Pi Day Nerd Wedding:  This fun and quirky wedding features some really cute place cards!  Flowers are simple but stylish, with cheerful spring colors.

Spring Trends and Fun Ideas

4 Ways to Display Fresh Flowers:  This post just bursts with bold, beautiful spring hues, as well as some great ideas for displaying flowers in your home, giving them as gifts, and more!

DIY Springtime Bouquets & Arrangements:  Here you will find lots of lovely bouquet ideas for spring.  I love the “bouquet recipes” with the pictures of each individual flower; they make it easy to follow along!  The arrangements with fruits and vegetables are really cool too!

Flower Cups on Desk


Add a Little Bit of Spring To Your Office Desk:  Specifically looking for an office arrangement which will spruce the place up without being distracting?  These arrangements are subtle but add a touch of nature.

Arrangement in a shoe:  This arrangement with red roses in a red high heel is cute, classy, and surprisingly elegant.  What a fun way to say “I love you” on a special occasion!  It’d be easy to come up with lots of variations on this idea for different occasions.

Glowing Flowers:  Scientists have discovered how to make plants glow in the dark!  How cool is that?  Click through to see some stunning photos.  With their subtle sparkle and shimmer, they look like they’re coated in fairy dust.  Absolutely magical!

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous floral roundup, and that you feel inspired by some of these ideas to create your next spring arrangement or wedding project!

How to Care for Cut Peonies to Make Them Last

It’s peony season—time to add a brilliant splash of color to your home.  Peonies are beautiful flowering plants which bloom in late spring and early summer.  They are popular every year, but this year they are trendier than ever.  There are dozens of species (scientists aren’t sure exactly how many—it could be as many as 40!), and peonies come in numerous different colors: white, orange, yellow, red, pink, and even lavender.  Many peonies even have more than one color of petal.  Peonies season doesn’t last long, so take advantage!

Pink Peonies

Whether you are cutting peonies from your own backyard or ordering a beautiful bouquet from a florist online, you need to know how to care for cut peonies to make them last as long as possible.  Here’s what to do!

When to Buy Your Peonies

It is best to purchase or cut your peonies when they are still in the bud stage.  Why?  If you purchase peonies that are already in full bloom, they will look great right from the start, but they will wilt within a few days or less.  This may work fine if you have to grab a bouquet fast for a dinner party tomorrow night, but if you aren’t in a rush, it is better to start with the buds.

After You Buy Your Peonies …

  1. Immediately after your peonies are delivered, get them and remove the paper they are likely wrapped in.
  2. Get a vase or similar container and fill it with 3-4 inches of water at room temperature (unless it is quite warm where you are; then make sure the water is at least slightly cool).
  3. Add a packet of flower food to the water if you have one.  Otherwise, you will have to change the water every few days to keep it fresh.
  4. Take a look at your stems.  Cut half an inch or an inch off of each with floral sheers.  Keep the stems on the long side.  Make sure you do this at a diagonal angle.  This angle maximizes the surface area of the stem which is exposed to water, making it easy for the plant to take in as much as it needs.  If you find any leaves on the stems which will be under the water level, remove them so they don’t rot.  Note that it is best to do this step in the morning or evening when it isn’t too hot.
  5. You want the peonies to stand upright in your vase.  If you have trouble managing this, you can wrap the paper back around them again for a few hours.  This will help them draw in more water during this crucial period.  After that, the upright position is not as important, and you can take the wrapping back off.
  6. Place the vase with the peonies somewhere they will be out of direct sunlight or drafts.
  7. The blooms will begin to open over the next few days.  Some species open quickly, while others may take several days.  The warmer the temperature of the room, the faster the blooms will open.  In fact, if you want to delay cut peonies from opening, you can store them in the fridge for a while (I will explain that shortly).
  8. Peonies drink a lot of water.  As a result, you will need to regularly replenish the water.  Plus, you want to keep it fresh.  Every two to three days, empty out what is in there and add fresh water.  You can continue to trim half an inch off the bases of the stems with each new watering.  This will help the peonies to live longer.  Cleaning the vase when you do this can help as well.  If you have a chance, go out and buy that plant food now.  It will really help to keep the peonies nourished.


Refrigerating Cut Peonies

If you do not want your peonies to bloom right away (maybe you want to save them for a while for a special occasion), you can put them in a dry spot in your fridge.  Keep them wrapped in the paper they came in, and away from fruits and veggies, which produce ethylene gas.  This gas will age your blooms.  Peonies can be stored out of water this way for up to a week if they are still in the bud stage.

What if you have already cut the stems and put them in the vase, and realize you need to slow things down?  You can put the vase in the fridge as it is.  Again, avoid fruits and vegetables.  If necessary (for space reasons), you can take them out of the vase again, dry them off, and wrap them back up and store them in the fridge that way.  Make sure they are completely dry, or they will rot.  You can then take them out and put them back in the vase when you are ready.

Speeding Up the Bloom Process

If you need your blooms to open fast, you can do that too!  Take off as many of the leaves as you can get away with, then fill the vase with six inches of warm water (not hot water).  Cut the stems and place them inside, then put the vase in a warm room (again, not hot).  If you need to, when the blossoms start to open, you can gently help them by hand.  Only touch the calyx and outer petals.

Now you know exactly what to do to keep your peonies beautiful and blossoming as long as possible!  Not sure where to buy peonies?  The best place to look for peonies for sale is online (hint, hint!).  There you will find access to the largest selection, with peonies of every species and color!  You can also order fast delivery.  The peonies will arrive right on your doorstep.  It doesn’t get easier or more convenient than that!  Have fun, and enjoy your spring and summer peonies for as long as they last!

13 Romantic Ways to Use Rose Petals

There’s really nothing that says “romance” like roses and rose petals!  In fact, when most of us think of the word “romance,” we immediately think of rose petals and candles and low light, maybe some soft piano music and fine dining.  What can you actually do with petals to impress your date?  Here are 13 creative ideas!

1) Make a romantic pathway


This is probably one of the most obvious ideas, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great one.  The pathway can lead anywhere—to the spot you plan to propose to your hopeful fiancé to a table where you have set a romantic meal.  It is all up to you what you want to do!  It is a great way of creating anticipation when you have something special planned.


2) Spell it out


Another cool thing you can do with flower petals is write messages in them.  Use petals to spell out your partner’s name, or even just to say “I love you.”  It’s classy and keeps you from getting tongue-tied.

3) Decorate the bed

Fresh rose petals on the bed are another classic, also shown in the image above where the word “love” has been spelled out.  You really can’t go wrong here.  The bed is a romantic place, so you already have a head start.  Add the rose petals and you’ll make it an extra-special night.

Another fun variation on this idea is to wait until your partner is asleep, and then scatter rose petals all around him or her.  When your partner wakes up and sees all the petals, it will make for a very romantic morning!

4) Decorate a hotel room

This is another really popular idea, but that’s because it is a great one.  Even if you cannot get to the hotel room before your partner, you can often call ahead and have the hotel staff help you out.  You just have to order the petals and have them delivered to the hotel before you show up.  A hotel stay is a perfect opportunity to do something romantic, because you are already stepping out of the ordinary.

5) Potpourri

Here is a really cool, creative idea.  Does your partner give you flowers sometimes?  If so, start saving up the flower petals.  You can use the dried petals to create potpourri, and then gift the finished result to your partner on a date.  The potpourri will smell great, and it’s a wonderfully sentimental gift.  You could also create soap or a candle.  There are lots of things you can create with rose petals if you are crafty!

6) Fill a drawer with petals

Empty out your partner’s sock drawer and fill it up with fresh rose petals instead.  Hide some romantic gifts in the drawer for your partner to find—maybe some jewelry, chocolates or other small items.  Your partner will have fun sifting through the petals to see what you have left for him or her to discover!

7) The bathtub


Another obvious one, but a classic.  Rose petals really add something to a bathtub.  They look beautiful floating on the surface, and not only convey romance, but luxury as well.  This is a good opportunity to add some other colors besides the classic red rose petals. And add some candles for mood lighting.

8) Package a gift

If you are putting together a gift box, and you know your recipient will be opening it that same day, you can package it with real rose petals in the box.  This would be a perfect idea for an engagement ring or an anniversary gift or something else equally romantic.

9) Rose petals in champagne


Want to add an extra touch of romance to a glass of champagne?  Pop in a rose petal before you serve.  It adds a splash of color and shows extra thought.

10) Table setting with rose petals

To add a touch of romance to a dinner table, scatter some rose petals.  This is a great way to make it into a special meal and not just another date meal at home.  You can do this at home, but you can also do it at a restaurant.  It’s as simple as bringing some along and scattering them on the table when you get there.  Another alternative if you’re at home is to fill a glass bowl with rose petals and add a couple tea lights.  This is a very romantic way to provide some mood lighting!

11) Petals in the car

Have access to your partner’s car?  Surprise him or her by filling it with rose petals and leaving a message—maybe directions to a surprise date at a fancy restaurant.  What a fabulous surprise that would be coming out of work (just find a sneaky way to make sure that they will be free that night!).

12) Drop rose petals

For this one, you’ll need a friend who is willing to help you out, as well as a balcony or a window you will be passing under.  Have someone drop rose petals down on you and your love as you stand at the entrance to a building.  Imagine your partner’s reaction when rose petals start fluttering down from overhead!

13) Accent a message


Spelling out a message with rose petals is a great idea, but it can be hard to keep the message nice and neat, especially outside, where the petals might blow around.  Here is another idea which is a simple alternative.  Spell the message out with tea lights, and simply scatter some rose petals around it.


While a lot of ideas to use rose petals are fairly simple, there is a reason they are romantic classics.  You really can’t go wrong creating a pathway with roses or sprinkling them on a bed or in a bathtub.  If you are creative (and you are, right?), you can turn even a simple idea into a memorable night.  Whatever you choose to do with rose petals, you will be demonstrating that you are putting in the extra thought and effort, and that is exactly what romance is all about!

DIY Rose Pomander Ball

DIY rose pomander ball

As a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding dress being covered in jewels.  When I got older, I realized that probably would not happen.  Unlike Cinderella who had a God Mother, I would have a budget that would limit the amount of sparkle I could have, or so I thought.

Click Here to watch a video how-to of this project

My first task was to find a wedding venue that spoke to me and I could afford.  As luck would have it, my past intervened and I rediscovered a country church that was located at my 6th grade camp.  Oh, the memories.  But after looking at the rustic nature of the setting, I questioned how I could have sparkle in such a rural setting.

As my future husband and I talked, he reminded me of something that he loved about me and that was my duality.  In short, it was the yin and yang of my personality that he first fell in love with.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I am the girl that showed up to prom in a formal, diamond earrings, and cowboy boots.  Why would my wedding be any different?

Since I am a DIY girl, I decided to decorate the church myself.  I really wanted to keep the rural feel of the church, which meant candle light and the sparkle of jewels or at least cut glass.  While the church squished the idea of real burning candles, they were fine with battery operated light.

But what to do about the sparkle?


I knew I wanted to create items for my wedding that I could keep.  I was making my bouquet out of old lace and jewelry from my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry boxes.  Both of them have passed and this bouquet would give me a way of having them there with me.  While I did have sparkle there and on my dress, I wanted to have something that the candle light could glisten off of.

At this point, I needed to walk away and regroup.  In doing so, my future husband and I took a day trip to a favorite historical site of mine.  While I was walking around and listening to the tour guide, my dilemma was solved.

The tour guide was talking about how people in the past dealt with odors.  One approach was to hang pomander balls, which would be scented with spices and flowers.  While I listened to the story, the tour guide directed our attention to an example of one hanging below a beautiful chandelier.  I thought, that is it! I was going to create my own pomander ball with bling, which would twinkle in the candle light.

Create Your DIY Rose Pomander Ball

To begin the process of creating your Rose Pomander Ball, start with getting your supplies together.

rose pomander supplies

  • one 5.7 inch Styrofoam ball
  • a rubber band or string
  • scissors
  • 6 feet of crystal chain
  • a package of hairpins
  • 48  Flower Explosion Preserved Roses
  • hot or low temp glue gun with extra glue sticks
  • jewelry pliers or wire cutters
  • you may also want a saucer or cardboard, a bowl with water, and hand pruners

styrofoam ball

Once you have your supplies, the next step is to remove the plastic wrap from the Styrofoam ball.  To make placing your chain easier, you will need to mark the north and south of your ball.  While you can just eyeball it, a better approach is to create a visual line.  This can be done by placing a rubber band around the ball.  If you do not have a rubber band large enough, do not worry just use a string.

After you have your guide established, mark the location of north and south on your ball with a hairpin.  Do not push the hairpins flat into the ball.  You want some to stick out so that you can see it.  After that is done, cut the rubber band or string to remove.

The next step is to prepare the flowers. Flower Explosion Preserved Roses are packaged in clear plastic containers.  The roses are not in these containers loose instead they are secured into the package with little straight pins.  To release the roses, open the packaging and remove the straight pins from the bottom of each rose.  This will make removing easier.

attach rose to hairpin

After the roses have been removed, take the straight leg of one hairpin and turn it sideways.  Place the hairpin through the hole in the rose stem from the straight pin.  Push it through until you reach the curve in the hairpin.  Turn the hairpin until it is straight up and down.  You have now created a DIY rose pick.  Repeat this process until all roses are done.

Now, plug in your glue gun and the nozzle on a saucer or cardboard.  This will keep the work surface clean.  Also, place the bowl with water on the work table.  The reason for this is safety.  This project does require the use of hot glue, which burns.  In doing so, having a small bowl of water nearby can sooth any area that may get glue on it.

Also, as far as the glue goes, you have noticed that low or high glue was listed as a project need.  Some hot glue is so hot that it will melt the Styrofoam ball.  If you find that this is happening, change over to a low temp type of glue or just use the DIY rose picks without glue.

glue roses

Once you have all your DIY rose picks created and your glue gun is hot, the next step is to begin attaching the roses to the ball.  To do this, one can simply start attaching the DIY rose picks to the ball in rows that can go around or up and down.  Another approach is to simply begin to add the DIY rose picks in any pattern you would like.

Regardless of which technique you choose, the key is to take the hairpin and push it into the ball.  The height of the rose will be determined by how far you push the hairpin into the ball.  Once you are happy with the height of the rose, you can leave it or secure it more to the ball with a little hot glue.  Continue with this process until the ball is almost completely covered.

attach chain to pomander

After you reach that point, it is time to attach the top and bottom chain.  The best approach is to test different lengths of the chain for the top.  Once you have found the perfect length for your need, you can cut the link or simply undo the link.  Next, fold the chain in half and run a hairpin through the two links at the bottom of this fold.  Push the hairpin into the ball.  Add a second hairpin going in the opposite direction if you like for extra support along with a dab of hot glue.

attach bottom chain

Repeat this process for the bottom chain.

cover ball with roses

Continue placing the DIY rose picks to the ball until it is completely covered.

finished diy rose pomander

After the ball has been completely covered, you are ready to hang up and enjoy.

As beautiful as this DIY Bling Out Pomander Ball is, I do have two suggestions that I learned while I was creating this design:

  1. If you are a afraid that a little of the white from the ball will show through, consider gluing  a thin layer of moss on the ball before covering with the DIY rose picks.
  2. Consider where you plan to use your pomander ball.  The reason I say this is if you plan on using it outside and you use hot or low temp glue, you are running the chance of the heat of the day softening up the glue.  This in turn could cause your flowers to loosen up and maybe fall.  If you do plan on using it outside, I would use a tacky type of glue that is not sensitive to temperatures.

Finally, once your special day is over and you want to display your Pomander Ball, make sure that it is in a location where it does not receive direct sunlight.  Following these tips will keep your ball looking like you just created it.

Would you like to watch a video tutorial of this project? Click below