Fresh Flowers

For weddings and special events

Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses? Find the answers here! ;)

Fresh Flowers - For weddings and special events

Tinted Roses Are all the Rage These Days

Tinted Roses:  People are Snapping up These Classic Roses With A New Twist


Would you send that special someone a black rose?  Maybe not.  But plenty of people are buying them, along with blue, green, lavender, orange, and bi-colored roses. While roses are beautiful as made by Mother Nature, sometimes some man-made enhancementsWhitney House Basketball add pizzazz to a bouquet, decorate a theme party, or just make a statement. This may be why many are snapping up these eye-catching creations.


These specialty roses can be made in a variety of ways. In the simplest way, food coloring is used to dip dye roses or can be added to a small squirt bottle in order to create a lovely pattern. However, some South American growers have employed more advanced technologies to create this effect. In Ecuador, for example, flower companies employ proprietary techniques using organic dyes to produce a designer rainbow of colors and patterns. Most amazing are the multi-colored roses that feature multiple hues in a single flower.Whitney House Basketball

It’s possible to do it yourself with a knife and vegetable dye.  First, you start with a bunch of plain white roses. Make sure to keep them out of water for a short period of time (a day should suffice) so they get nice and thirsty. Remove all leaves, except the ones near the top of the stem, and any remaining thorns. You might want to use gloves for this part or you risk getting a nasty prick to the fingers. After the roses have been cleaned of leaves and thorns, cut the stems diagonally so that the inside is exposed. Then pop your roses into a mixture of water and food coloring. The blooms will gradually absorb the dye and voila! You have created your own tinted roses. It’s not too unlike dying Easter eggs.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you can order the professionally tinted roses. Because of their popularity, tinted roses now cost little more than the classic varietiesWhitney House Basketball that have enchanted people since the days of ancient Persia, where they are said to have originated. South American growers are producing stunning varieties of different kinds of flowers. When you see their amazingly intricate designs, you can tell these makers thoroughly enjoy exploring their creative sides with a host of tinted rose offerings.

The rich, volcanic soil of the Andes Mountain foothills, 350 plus days of sunshine and temperate climate all combine to make ideal conditions for rose growing in Ecuador. Sales of tinted roses from Ecuador alone have exploded since the 1980s. Of course that number pales in comparison with the total rose industry. According to Smart Asset, $34.3 billion is made yearly in the flower industry. $1.9 billion of that is made on Mother’s Day alone. It’s safe to say that a majority of that is generated from the sale of roses.

South American growers are beginning to take steps to ensure that their large flower farms employ sustainable agricultural practices. One way they’re incorporating these green practices is by using organic dyes for their tinted roses. Working conditions and practices are also improving in the wake of various campaigns highlighting the poor wages and working conditions in Latin American flower fields, particularly in Colombia. With steady improvements, however, you can be sure that the roses you send are farmed humanely.

While the classic red rose is always a mainstay of romantic gestures, going with a specialty tinted rose is a bold, unique move that your loved one will never forget.

How to Match a Bouquet to a Wedding Dress

When it comes to selecting your bridal bouquet, you want something that will add the perfect touch to your wedding look. But where do you start? The options are truly endless when it comes to choosing your wedding blooms. To help you get started, here are a few important floral factors to consider when figuring out what works for you and your big day.

Bridal Bouquet - Pinks

Complement or Match

When it comes to picking out the accessories for your wedding day, you need to step back and make a decision.


If You Choose To Match…

Are you going to match your accessories to your dress or find accessories that complement your look? It is important to decide this before finding your pieces so you don’t get yourself into a panic when it comes to completing your look.

If you’re going to choose to go the matching route, make sure your whites actually match. Many women forget that there are many of shades of white, and it is important that everything is the same color. White and ivory don’t mix well, please take note and remember this! If you’re wearing an ivory gown, it might not be a great choice to carry white calla lilies. Make sure you explore your options well before your wedding days and ask for opinions from your florist as well as close friends and family.


If You Choose To Complement…

White matching Bouquet

Choosing to go the complementing route definitely gives you more wiggle room in terms of bouquet options.  You can choose the colors of your accessories to match the theme of your wedding or just colors that you personally want to wear with your wedding dress. As long as the colors you choose don’t clash with your wedding color palette, the options are truly endless. For a clean and romantic look, consider an arrangement of various colors of flowers and choose from more than white fabric to wrap your bouquet in.


Overall Ensemble

Bridal Bouquet Reds

Most importantly, be sure your bouquet compliments your overall look and not JUST your dress. It is important to consider the type of jewelry you have picked out when choosing your bouquet. If you’re wearing jewelry that has lots of bling, it could be fun to add a little bling to your bouquet as well so it works well together.

Or if you choose to wear an amazing pair of shoes that are a bright, bold color, maybe incorporate that color into your bouquet as well by wrapping it in a matching fabric.

The key is to keep in mind your wedding day ensemble as a whole and not just as the dress. We all know the dress is going to be the focal point, but there is a lot more than goes into the look than that! By selecting accessories and a bouquet that suits your dress and theme perfectly, you’ll totally nail your wedding look. Good luck and happy hunting!


8 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

If you absolutely adore flowers and want to use an abundance of beautiful blooms on your wedding day, then go right ahead! There are so many places you can incorporate them aside from your bouquet and reception centerpieces, and there’s really no set rules on how many flowers you should use. To help get you inspired, here we share eight unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day.

In the Dressing Rooms

What better way to set the mood than having flowers in the room you are getting ready in with your bridal party? Beautiful flowers create feelings of happiness and that is certainly the mood that you want to have while preparing for one of the most important days of your life. Plus, if you’re planning to get photos taken while you’re getting ready, flowers will look great in the background.

In Your Hair

Consider working flowers into your hairstyle, especially if you’re having a rustic or vintage-themed wedding. At your wedding hair trial, bring along a trial hairpiece or some flowers so your stylist can practice placing them. Just make sure you don’t go too overboard with the floral headpiece so that you don’t draw attention away from your wedding dress.

Head Flowers

Head flowers


At The Ceremony

Look through your florist’s books to see what kind of floral decorations they can create at your wedding. You can have floral arrangements, a floral trellis, a floral Chuppah, or swags of flowers. You can also line the aisle with flower arrangements, which can later be moved to the reception later to save money.

As Place Cards

Instead of traditional place cards, have yours placed in a vase of your chosen wedding flowers that your guests pick up and take to their assigned table. Once everyone takes their seats, the flowers will be an added decoration to each table. As a bonus, each person will be able to take vase, so it can do double duty as a wedding favor.

As A Chandelier


Chandelier Wedding Flowers

Flowers hanging from the ceiling can be an excellent way to make sure your entire reception space has flowers, from top to bottom. Having a chandelier of flowers over the dance floor so your guests can enjoy them while they dance the night away. This will also look stunning in photographs.


On Your Wedding Cake

Sugar flowers are actually more expensive than real flowers, so you will be saving money by using them on your wedding cake. Your baker will know how to incorporate the flowers in the cleanest way and they can also help remove the flowers when the cake is being cut.

Wedding Cake Flowers

Flower at a traditional white wedding cake.


On the Backs of Chairs

You can have arrangements made for the backs of you and your husband’s chair at the reception. This is a great way to mark your special seats and lots of people may be stopping by your chair, so they will be the centre of attention throughout your reception.

In the Seats of Loved Ones Who Can’t Attend

If you have lost a loved one or they are not able to attend, consider placing flowers on the seat where they would have sat. This is a tasteful way to honor them and will be appreciated by all those who attend your big day.

There are so many great ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding. The key is making it fit with your theme and wedding colors. Consider using the same flowers you use for your bouquet to create a streamlined look in all aspects of your special day.