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For weddings and special events

Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses? Find the answers here! ;)

Fresh Flowers - For weddings and special events

Gypsophila – One of the Most Popular Fillers of All Time

Gypsophila Filler Flower

Gypsophila Filler Flowers from Flower Explosion

When it comes to flower arrangements or bridal bouquets, let us introduce you to one of both local and online florist’s favorite friends: Baby’s Breath. Now if that just filled your head with visions of poufy peach dresses and bouquets filled with a mixture of roses and stringy white flower filler, allow us to revamp your thinking. Gypsophila, which is more commonly known as baby’s breath, has made a well-deserved comeback in modern weddings, and with a stunning new look.

Bold Statements

The wispy white look of this popular filler has been exchanged for a much bolder look. Many of today’s weddings feature gypsophila in masses: sometimes as the only flower in the bridesmaids’ bouquets to complement the brides mixed flower bouquet. Dainty blooms are also frequently used in large masses for stunning table arrangements, pew end decorations, groomsmen boutonnieres, arches, and even headbands have all been revolutionized with the comeback of these beautiful clouds of white blooms. At Flower Explosion, we always provide and abundant supply of this traditional flower to fulfill your every need.

Mixing it up

If you still prefer a mixed bouquet over the single flower arrangement, baby’s breath flowers still lends itself well to this option. Again, its style has been changed dramatically since the 80’s. Today’s arrangements often feature the blooms in tight bunches mixed with other flowers, rather than the more spindly, spread out look. In fact, some popular flower pairings include white lilies, white calla lilies, hydrangeas, roses (of course), poppies, and ranunculus.

Learning the Types

Baby’s breath is the most common name given to Gypsophila and at Flower Explosion we offer three types of baby’s breath: Million Star, Mirabella, and New Love Gypso. Million Star, being the most common and popular, has the smallest blossom accompanied by a delicate scent. Mirabella provides a bigger bloom than Million Star while New love Gypso has the largest bloom of the three selections. Each of the varieties are generally white, and are available year round.

Gypso Headlines

Gypsophila has made some pretty impressive showings lately, most noticeably the “CoCo Chanel” theme wedding that Jeff Latham did at The Shilla in Korea. And of course, Martha Stewart Weddings featured a wedding which included our lovely white blossoms for the bridesmaids’ bouquets and stunning table centerpieces. To make your own Gypsophila headlines, Flower Explosion has you covered -a great place to start your quest! For more information and to peruse our selections please visit

Cheap Wedding Flowers for an Elegant Wedding Ceremony

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The crushing economic times have done little to deter the proceedings of matrimonial ceremonies. Moreover, these festivities would not be complete without the adornment of fresh flowers. Cheap wedding flowers, attainable from various venders in countless venues, have seen to it that the glamour accompanied by these ceremonies does not fall short. While the economy all over the world is yet to recover, people still want to get on with their lives as normally and as smoothly as possible.

What is more, they want to do it as they are accustomed to in order to keep the normalcy of life and continuity of society. So, if you are planning to have a wedding and you are thinking of opting to have no flowers around on your big day in order to save some money, the best alternative would be to shop around for cheap wedding flowers. Your wedding budget may be tight and you will probably be looking for means and ways to adjust it to meet your wedding needs. Cheap wedding flowers are one way to go about this.


That Wedding Can Still Go On:

The first and easiest step would be to source for cheap wedding flowers imported from developing countries, especially from Africa. Flowers from this part of the world are usually cheap, due to minimal mechanization and comparatively, some of the lowest labor rates in the world in the planting. Moreover, flowers in these regions come in a great variety, and most of them require little or even no fertilization and care in order to grow well; therefore, they will tend to be cheaper than flowers that require more water, fertilization, conditioned humidity and temperatures.

With this in mind, you can go on to further reduce the cost of the flowers for your wedding by purchasing cheap wedding flowers that are naturally blooming around the time when you are having your wedding ceremony. Flower from different regions bloom in different times of the year, therefore it is possible to get, depending on your floral arrangements, cheap wedding flowers of any kind in anytime at the lowest costs. There are some very good flowers that grow in the wild like gardenias and orchids. With these as the central theme, you can add other cheap wedding flowers to enrich your floral variety. Some types of flowers that are generally cheap to obtain include cornflowers, Camellias and daisies.

It is also possible to go for a floral set up that is relatively simple rather than a very elaborative one as it will also cost you much less to come up with. Comparing prices from various vendors is a time tested practice and you will be shocked to find how great the difference in prices can be if you opt for cheap wedding flowers and floral arrangements.

Why Red Roses are considered a Symbol of Love

The Red Rose not only carries more meaning than many other color roses, it is also one of the most universal of all symbols. The mystique of the red rose has been a source of immeasurable inspiration for many throughout the ages. However, it is as the symbol for love that the red rose is most commonly recognized.

The modern red rose we are now familiar with was introduced to Europe from China in the 1800′s. However, the meanings associated with them can be traced back many centuries, even to some of the earliest societies. The color red itself evolved from an early primal symbol for life into a meaning for deep emotion. In Greek and Roman mythology the red rose was closely tied to the goddess of love. Many early cultures used red roses to decorate marriage ceremonies and they were often a part of traditional wedding attire. Through this practice, the red rose became known as a symbol for love and fidelity. As the tradition of exchanging roses and other flowers as gifts of affection came into prevalence, the red rose naturally became the flower of choice for sending the strongest message of love. This is a tradition that has endured to the present day.

Red roses continue to be the most popular way to say “I love you” to someone special. They are the definitive symbol for romantic sentiments, representing true love, stronger than thorns. Red roses are a meaningful gift, perfect for expressing feelings for a loved one on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or simply “just because.” They can send a message of commitment and an invitation to take the next step. Even the simplicity of a single red rose can elicit a powerful response.