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Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses, especially the tinted black roses? Find the answers here! ;)

Fresh Flowers - For weddings and special events

5 Fall Floral Trends for 2015

Fall is a lovely season to tie the knot.  With the leaves turning overhead and the weather cooling down, it is the perfect time to get married indoors or outdoors.  Fall foliage adds an incredible splash of vibrant color to wedding photos, and fall flowers make wonderful bouquets and centerpieces for your celebration.  If you’re planning an autumn wedding this year, here are 5 major floral design trends to inspire you!

1. Work with the fall color palate

Here you can view Pantone’s fashion color report for fall 2015.  These are the colors you’re going to be seeing in fashion design going into autumn.  As you can see, marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year, is still front and center, a rich, muted earthy wine color with a grounded brownish hue.


The left side of this palate is dominated by earthy colors.  Dried herb, desert sage, and stormy weather are all warmer colors, despite being in the cooler part of the spectrum, and would make wonderful soft colors for your wedding.  The golden oak buff and the gentle warmth of cadmium orange can brighten things up, and if you want some cooler hues to work in, Biscay bay, reflecting pond, and amethyst orchid add a nice touch.  Cashmere rose is a lovely soft, cool pink which is very romantic, and which would be perfect for any wedding.  These colors celebrate the soft, natural beauty of fall.  Use them to determine your color scheme, and to help you pick flowers for your wedding bouquet.

2. Go English


English flowers are really popular this year, and that is a trend which is going to continue into fall.  Even though some English flowers, like peonies, have had their season, other English flowers continue to bloom into early fall, like hydrangeas and dahlias.  Others, like ranunculus, are year-round.  And of course you can never go wrong with romantic English roses.  English flowers are perfect for a garden wedding, especially if you have the English-inspired landscaping to go with the theme.

3. Wrap it in wool

Wrapping the stems of your wedding bouquet in wool is another trend which is blazing across Europe.  It is particularly popular in the UK, so it works great with the English flowers above.  The look has a soft, natural, homespun effect, and adds a rustic touch to any bouquet.  Rustic is another big trend this year, so wool is the perfect intersection between 2015 floral styles!  It is a particularly fitting style for fall or winter, since wool conveys warmth.


This photo shows you a simple way you can wrap a bouquet in wool.  The buttons add a nice decorative touch!  If you like the idea of wrapping your bouquet like this but you are not crazy about wool, there are so many other materials you can use.  Burlap is cute if you want to stay rustic, or you can go with lace or ribbon.

4. Work in the greenery


Greenery is huge this year!  This is probably in part because so many brides are trying to go with a natural, local look.  There are all kinds of greens you can work into your bouquet.  Fresh herbs, ivy, ferns, succulents, and other greens can all make a lovely accompaniment to your more traditional wedding flowers.  While you might think that this is a big look for spring, it can add a splash of startling contrast and freshness to autumn-themed bouquets.  It also looks particularly stunning in table runners.

5. Hang your blooms

Hanging decorations are really big in 2015, a floral trend which will only get bigger in fall!  There are so many ways you can incorporate hanging floral décor throughout your wedding ceremony and reception spaces.  Hang flowers in mason jars from signs, or from chairs or benches lining your ceremony aisle, or even from the branches of obliging trees.  Fall is the perfect time of year to do this.  It’s always easier hanging decorations from bare branches than branches which are full of foliage.  Along with flowers in mason jars and pomanders, you can also hang beautiful homemade lanterns.  There are a lot of different ways you can create these.

Many weddings now also feature hanging blooms as centerpieces for the reception, instead of flowers on the tables.  Hanging flowers creates a whimsical, festive, rustic atmosphere.  Check out these photos for inspiration.  There are both indoor and outdoor ideas here, and all of them are beautiful and create an amazing ambiance.




If you are planning a wedding for this fall, you now have an abundance of great ideas which can help you to choose the perfect flowers for your ceremony and reception.  Remember, these same ideas work great for flower arrangements for other occasions as well, and can look equally beautiful sprucing up a table at home.

How to Create a Personalized Graduation Flowers Arrangement

DIY Grad Flowers title

Every parent wants their child’s graduation to be perfect and I was no exception.  When my son graduated from college, we had to go to another state to attend the ceremony.  But when we got home, the party planning began.  I did not want the flowery things that I had had for our daughter.  I wanted clean lines, simple tables, but I also wanted something that he could keep.  Something that would be useful later down the road, not stuck in an album or desk drawer.  As I pondered this, I saw my dad’s photo cube.  The one he had filled with all my school pictures and this is when it hit me.  I would create a photo cube arrangement for my son.

Now that I had the idea, I had to come up with the plan.  My son is not a flower person, so to address his personality I had to come up with something that would mean something to him.  He is a car guy and would have loved an arrangement of toy cars but….being the mom, this would not do.  Ok, as I pondered I thought of school colors.  Wow, what memory.  An arrangement made from my son’s college.  So away I went in search of roses in my son’s school colors.

I did not have to look far.  Flower explosion had everything I needed except the container.  After looking through their rose selection, I found their bi-and tricolored roses in many different combinations along with personalized colors mixes.  Boy did they save me.  They had just the colors I was looking for, which happened to be yellow and blue.

Graduation Flowers Arrangement Supplies

Now that I had found my roses, I could begin to design this small but important arrangement.  To begin the process you will need to gather materials, which includes a photo cube, a container that will fit inside the photo cube, floral knife, floral preservative, scissors, photos, colored roses of your choice, and filler.  I like green ball.  It adds texture and a little whimsy to the arrangement but use what pleases your eye as far as the filler.

Flower Vases

Once you have your supplies together, the next step is to fill the vase that will fit inside the photo cube with water.  Add powdered floral preservative to the water.  While I will be taking the “vase out of the photo cube I wanted to show you how this fits into the cube.  The fact that the vase is shorter than the photo cube is very important.  Having it a little shorter keeps you from having to fill in around the top edge to cover it up.

cut stems

Next comes processing the flowers.  Since this is a short arrangement, the roses are going to be cut all at once to start.  Why is this?  Well, it saves time and you can use the fact that the roses are still held together by rubber bands.  In doing so, it makes cutting them in one action easier but do not worry, we will be making new cuts before they are put in the vase.

process flowers

The next step is to remove the “vase” from the photo cube and begin the floral arranging.  This is a very free-form type of arrangement but what you are looking for a dome type shape on the top.  To help you with this, slide the “vase” to the edge of the table and then position your rose along the edge of the table to measure the height.  Once you have the height, you are ready to cut but keep in mind that roses are special.  To keep air bubbles from forming in the stem, one will need to cut the stem under running water.  If that is not possible, put the stem in a bucket of water and cut that way.

size stems

After the rose has been cut, place in the vase.  Continue with this process until your “vase” is filled.  Do not worry in the beginning of this arrangement that your roses are not standing up.  They will as more and more roses are added to the arrangement.  The intertwining of the stems will hold the roses up.

intertwine stems

Once you have your “vase” filled with roses, the next step is to add some whimsy.  As I stated before, I like the green balls but there are several other choices for filler if these are not your cup of tea.  When it comes to processing this filler flower, the easiest way is to cut the stems together as we did for the roses.

filler flowers

After the stems have been shortened, it is time to separate out the individual green balls.  At this point, you may wonder how many you need.  The golden rule is always odd numbers.  An odd arrangement of flowers, believe it or not, has been scientifically proven to be more pleasing to the eye.  In doing so, add three or more green balls throughout the arrangement.  Again, this is to add texture or to break up the visual impact of the roses somewhat while filling in some open spaces.

size photo

The next step in this process is to prepare your pictures for the photo cube.  While you can cut your pictures freehand, I like to use a pattern.  Where does the pattern come from?  Most photo cubes come with a cardboard insert.  This insert can be used to cut a pattern out of an old picture.  Once you have your pattern, you can use it to measure off the area you need to cut off of your picture.  Also, it will allow you to see what your picture will look like before you make the cut.

insert photo

After the picture has been cut, you have a few choices.  You can tape them to the inside of the photo cube.  Another choice is to allow the “vase” to hold the pictures in their place.  This will only work if the “vase” fits snug.

graduation flowers photo cube completed

Now that your pictures are in the cube, you are ready to display it.

flower photo displayed on table

While this arrangement is simple, there are several things you can do to up the WOW factor.  One, create your own photo cube.  This is easily done by taking two glass squares per side.  Wedge a picture between two pieces of glass and glue together.  After all panes are done, glue the cube together.  This is a great way of personalizing the cube so that you do not have to cut the photos.  Another way you can create additional memories is by allowing people to add to the arrangement.  Lay out scrapbooking paper, colored pens, and bamboo skewers.  Or, cut out small pendants that can be attached to the skewers.  Either of these can be used as a way that people can leave “best wishes” and add them to the arrangement.

Once the party is over, make sure to place the arrangement is a room that is kept cool and away from direct sunlight.  Do not forget about the water.  Since this arrangement is small, you will need to add water often.  To keep the roses looking their best, make a fresh cut every time you add fresh water.

After the arrangement is over, do not just put away the photo cube.  Instead, display it and use it as a vase for other flowers or as a pencil holder on the desk of that “real” first job.

DIY: A Stunning Flower Chandelier in 5 Steps

Nothing says “fancy” quite like a chandelier. A classy, epic look that’s sure to draw the eye. But when it’s made with flowers, it’s a combination that’s even more memorable. One that guests will be talking about for weeks to come.

DIY Flower Chandelier Outdoors

But even though it comes out looking expensive and extravagant, the flower chandelier is an easy craft you can make right in your very own home. All it takes is a few supplies and you can be well on your way to upping the creativity level. Adding a bit to umph to any dining room table or outdoor barbeque event.

It’s perfect for photo opps too!

Flower Chandelier Supplies

Flower Chandelier Supplies

  • Foam floral ring (ours is a 10” ring – they can be purchased in larger or smaller sizes)
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Jewels or other décor
  • Flowers of choice
  • Push pins (optional)

Start: Flowers & Foam

Start by picking out the types of flowers you want – size and color will have a heavy impact here. We used Tinted Roses and Gerbera Daisies for a fun, funky look. Keep in mind that, since this will be hanging, it can get fairly heavy and should be treated with care.

Wrap Floral Foam

We started by wrapping the foam in gray yarn to hide the Styrofoam. This step is optional, but creates a more finished and polished look overall. Ribbon is another choice to finish off, as is paint or glitter.

Add Flowers

Once the ring is covered, start placing flowers. Gain a general layout for a pattern, or just dive in. It’s up to you! Stems will need to be extremely short – about 1-2 inches each, so they don’t poke through the entire ring. (If you do do this, don’t worry, just take out the excess Styrofoam that pushed through and re-cover with yarn or ribbon.)

Attach Tinted Roses & Gerberas

Move yarn to expose fresh Styrofoam for easy placement and start pushing stems through. The roses have a fairly sturdy stem and are easy to stab in with a strong hold. The gerbera stems are slightly more flimsy and required a hole to be punched through with scissors. Small pushpins can also be used to hold them into place. (Especially when putting on the side of the ring, with gravity further pulling them down.)

If recreating this look, we’d suggest swapping the roses for the bottom layer, just to ensure everything stays put.

Continue around the ring until satisfied. Follow a strict pattern or mix and match as you desire. Flowers can be placed at random to hide blank spots or further apart to incorporate décor; the overall look is up to you!

Attach Ribbon

Attach Ribbon to Floral Chandlier

Once you’re satisfied with the flowers, it’s time to attach ribbon for hanging. We tied ours in four anchor locations, with two sets of ribbon from which it could hang, in order to help keep it even. You can adjust this method as needed, or even leave off for a ring that sits on a flat surface.

Attach Beads

Beads on Floral Chandelier

Finally, it’s time to hang beads for an added touch. Drape over flowers, or string throughout to create a desired look. Embellishments such as jewels can also be added to help reflect light.

Hang & Enjoy Your Flower Chandelier

DIY Flower Chandelier: Completed

Your flower chandelier is now complete! Make it last by storing in the fridge until ready for use, or hang immediately. With something this beautiful, it’s hard to keep it locked behind a closed door!

Display and let the world gaze upon your impressive creation.


Text by: Bethaney Wallace, Flower Explosion Contributor

Photos by: Megan Thornton of Demiurge Photography, Flower Explosion Contributor

Roundup: 11 DIY Wedding Ideas and Flower Trends

Time for Our Fabulous Floral Round-Up!

Here at Flower Explosion, we love to keep up with news about flowers and check out flower trends and DIY wedding ideas from around the web.  Every day it seems like we’re discovering something amazing.  So here we want to share with you the best of the best of what we’ve been enjoying recently!

DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding Centerpieces:  This is a lovely collection of DIY wedding centerpiece ideas by Sahdia Qayyum.  These are all relatively simple ideas that use common flowers and supplies.  My favorite is the top one with the adorable little birdcages full of baby’s breath!  Simple and sweet!

Peony Cake Topper


Peony Power: 10 Ways to Use Peonies As Wedding Flowers:  Peonies are in season right now, and they are hugely popular this year!  And no wonder; they are a gorgeous explosion of color and look absolutely stunning in a wedding bouquet.  Check out some amazing peony bouquets here + a wedding topper and a table setting!

Chic Lakeside Country Club Wedding:  Have a look at the photos from this elegant country club wedding for classic, elegant flower inspiration.  I love the subtle colors in the bouquet and the way the flowers and leaves are draped loosely across the tables.  Gorgeous!

Emerald and Blush Woodlands Inspired Wedding:  The arrangements in this wedding photo collection really grabbed us.  The roses are classic and romantically old-fashioned, but the pheasant feathers add a real zing, and instantly grab your attention!  Very cool idea!

14 Fun Fourth of July Wedding Ideas:  Thinking of getting married on the 4th of July this year?  Here are some great ideas for adding a little patriotic flair to your special day.  I love that elegant red, white, and blue boutonnière, and that red bridal bouquet is just a warm bath of color!

Real Wedding: Jareesa and William’s Pi Day Nerd Wedding:  This fun and quirky wedding features some really cute place cards!  Flowers are simple but stylish, with cheerful spring colors.

Spring Trends and Fun Ideas

4 Ways to Display Fresh Flowers:  This post just bursts with bold, beautiful spring hues, as well as some great ideas for displaying flowers in your home, giving them as gifts, and more!

DIY Springtime Bouquets & Arrangements:  Here you will find lots of lovely bouquet ideas for spring.  I love the “bouquet recipes” with the pictures of each individual flower; they make it easy to follow along!  The arrangements with fruits and vegetables are really cool too!

Flower Cups on Desk


Add a Little Bit of Spring To Your Office Desk:  Specifically looking for an office arrangement which will spruce the place up without being distracting?  These arrangements are subtle but add a touch of nature.

Arrangement in a shoe:  This arrangement with red roses in a red high heel is cute, classy, and surprisingly elegant.  What a fun way to say “I love you” on a special occasion!  It’d be easy to come up with lots of variations on this idea for different occasions. Some other great flower ideas in this post too.

Glowing Flowers:  Scientists have discovered how to make plants glow in the dark!  How cool is that?  Click through to see some stunning photos.  With their subtle sparkle and shimmer, they look like they’re coated in fairy dust.  Absolutely magical!

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous floral roundup, and that you feel inspired by some of these ideas to create your next spring arrangement or wedding project!