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Where can I find fresh flowers for weddings? "I am looking for cheap flowers, but I want to keep it elegant." Should I get roses, mini callas, peonies, or tulips? Who sells rainbow or tinted roses, especially the tinted black roses? Find the answers here! ;)

 Flower Explosion Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas, Floral Arrangements, Flower Tips

Why DIY wedding flowers are so popular now? (Part 1)

A large number of couples holding weddings nowadays prefer DIY Wedding Flowers. “Do it Yourself” arrangements are chosen for a number of reasons. The first clear reason is that they are preferred by people who want to keep costs low because they are worth not too much money compared to a number of designer bouquets.

People have plenty of options regarding the flowers they choose, but it has been a trend for some weddings to have costly flowers – more costly than even the whole reception – especially when they do not know the choices to go about regarding wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers

“For instance, peonies can be easily substituted with hydrangeas all-year-round, and you would pay half of what you would for peonies.” – Kami Valdivieso
(Flower designer, over 10 years of experience) 

The most important factor to consider when buying any type of wedding flower is how presentable the flowers are as well as their vase life and how flexible they are.  Apart from being popularized as being cheaper than many other types of wedding flower options, many people prefer doing their own bouquets probably because of the flexibility at the moment of doing the floral design. They can bring out creativity of the wedding occasion and theme.

There are also many people reading out books, websites, magazines and tutorials regarding wedding flowers. Sometimes reading a variety of materials is the perfect option for a couple that does not have an idea regarding the accompaniments they want to use.

(Learn about the new DIY Wedding flower trends on the second part of this article)

  • Susan Ryan says:

    She can’t be more right about peonies, however I would substitute them with English Roses, or if you want to be pickier some David Austin Garden Roses. Although they can be as expensive as peonies, they have a greater fragrance and is easier to get them all the time.

    December 21, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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