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  1. Moody Blues Lavender Rose

    Moody Blues is a very popular fresh rose that grows in a rich lavender / purple shade. Its big and layered bloom reminds us of a garden rose, which makes Moody Blues unique and stunning.
  2. Sexy Red Roses Sexy Red Roses

    Sexy Red Rose

    Here you go: The sexiest, most stunning rose you can ever find! The best gift idea for Valentine's Day, to celebrate an anniversary, or simply to show that special person how big your love is. Sexy Red is a gorgeous rose that displays a medium to large head with a traditional shape and a high petal count. Its rich red hue and long vase life will steal your heart forever! Order yours today at Flower Explosion and enjoy FREE SHIPPING.
  3. Queen of The Night

    If you already love black roses, wait until you see our NEW Queen of The Night roses! They are simply stunning! The perfect combination of our signature premium black roses, covered in a delicate coat of hot pink glitter. The result is a unique, sexy, eye-catching flower, that will surely delight your recipient. Surprise your loved one with these magical and mysterious roses, perfect for Valentine's Day, as a Birthday gift, to celebrate an anniversary, or simply to show how much you care. Order your pink glitter tinted black roses today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING, as always.
  4. Red and White Tinted Roses

    Our brand NEW and unique bicolor roses are here to steal you loved one's heart! Just in time for Valentine's Day, or for any other special occasion that you want to celebrate, Flower Explosion's Red and White Tinted Roses will make for the perfect gift. Their romantic yet modern look, pairing the purity of white with the passionate red, create a unique combination that will surely WOW even the most challenging of recipients. If you don't want to go for the traditional red roses, but still want to celebrate your love in a romantic way, these are an excellent choice. Order yours today and enjoy FREE shipping!
  5. Mixed Red and White Roses - 50 stems

    Red and white roses are a timeless combination of style and grace. Our 50 assorted stems package means your recipient will receive 25 red and 25 white premium roses cut-to-order and delivered from our farms to your door. An excellent value!
  6. 50 Stems Fresh Red Roses

    The freshest and healthiest fresh cut red roses available. Grown in fertile foothills of the andes mountains, these blooms have a rich red color and large head size. Your roses are cut to order and shipped direct from our farms to your door. A great value for a gift, the home, office. wedding, or other event! Your Roses will arrive professionally packaged in two bunches of 25 stems each. Stem length is 16-18 inches.
  7. Metallic Silver Roses

    The color silver is often associated with glamourous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. That is exactly what our Metallic Silver Roses display! Pure beauty and elegance. We select premium, high-quality, fresh roses, and gently airbrush a gorgeous silver color over their petals. With a long vase life and a gorgeous look, these glamorous roses are a unique gift that will astonish your recipient. Celebrate any holiday, birthday, or anniversary with our Metallic Silver Roses, or just send them to your special someone to show how much you care. A present that will definitely make an impression and will always be remembered! Order yours today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING.
  8. Tropical Scented Bouquet

    If you are looking for a beautiful flower arrangement that also has a wonderful smell, our Tropical Scented Bouquet is the answer! Pairing premium fresh-cut red roses with tropical greenery, this bouquet will delight any recipient. Its sweet and lasting scent will make any room smell simply delightful! Perfect for any occasion, such as a birthday gift, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just because! Show how much you care with this exotic and gorgeous bouquet. We offer 3 different sizes of bouquets, and as always, shipping is included FREE. Original includes approximately 10 Stems Deluxe includes approximately 20 Stems (Pictured) Opulent includes approximately 30 Stems
  9. White Glitter Roses

    To all the glitter fans out there... We have a new and stunning product for you! Our White Glitter Roses are gorgeous, premium, fresh-cut roses, and we add a touch of glitter on the petal edges. You can select your preferred glitter color, and make these stunning roses as unique as you! Elegant, glamurous, and eye-cathing, Flower Explosion's White Glitter Roses are the perfect way to say 'I love you', or to celebrate any special occasion. Order yours today! Shipping is ALWAYS FREE!
  10. Citrus Twist Tinted Roses

    Our NEW bicolor Citrus Twist Tinted Roses, display bold shades of green and yellow, that blend together to create a perfect and beautiful balance. The cheerful and bright colors make us think of warm, sunny days, and their unique and new look breaks away from tradition, surprising any recipient! Order your gorgeous, unique Citrus Twist Tinted Roses, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING as always!

Items 1 to 10 of 79 total

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You may read our complete terms of use here.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discovery) and PayPal. For registered customers that buy on a regular basis, check payments and wire transfers may be accepted upon submitting an application.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to all 50 States via FedEx. We also offer airport deliveries in major Canadian Airports, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. FlowerExplosion offers a different freight service for other countries. For more information check our international corporate services.

Are there special rates for frequent customers?

For registered customers who buy on a regular basis, or that are interested on making wholesale purchases, discount rates may be granted. Please visit our Investor relations link or call our sales call center at 1-866-639-0277.

How are the flowers packaged?

We have four different box sizes. The biggest one can fit up to 200 stemmed roses, on average. Fresh cut flowers are grouped in bunches, hydrated and pre-cooled before being shipped. A time span of only three to four days passes in between the harvesting of our flowers and their arrival to your door. That is the reason why our flowers are so fresh.

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