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Spring Flowers

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  1. Marshmallow Tinted Roses

    Our NEW Marshmallow Tinted Roses are super cute roses, displaying a sweet and delicate color combination that will steal your recipient's heart! The elegant blend of White, Soft Pink, and Turquoise Blue shades, makes these roses a unique and gorgeous gift. Perfect for a baby shower, a birthday party, a simple 'thank you', or just because! Show your love in a different way with our sweetest Tinted Roses. And remember, at Flower Explosion, Shipping is always FREE!
  2. Tinted Turquoise Roses

    If you are a fan of tinted roses and you are already familiar with our siganture Blue Roses, our new Tinted Turquoise Roses will steal your heart! These beauties display a gorgeous aquamarine hue that will brighten any corner of your home. Perfect as a birthday gift, for an anniversary celebration, or simply to show your love, our Turquoise Roses will bring joy to your special someone. Order yours today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!
  3. Santorini Airbrushed Roses

    We decided to name these roses after Santorini, the gorgeous greek island that displays stunning white little houses and intense blue domes everywhere. That beautiful contrast of white and bold blue is exactly what makes our new Santornini Airbrushed Roses unique and eye-catching. We select the best quality, fresh white roses, and gently airbrush the outer petals in a deep blue shade, creating this gorgeous look. Dare to dream about a summer vacation to the Greek Islands with these beautiful blooms!
  4. Citrus Twist Tinted Roses

    Our NEW bicolor Citrus Twist Tinted Roses, display bold shades of green and yellow, that blend together to create a perfect and beautiful balance. The cheerful and bright colors make us think of warm, sunny days, and their unique and new look breaks away from tradition, surprising any recipient! Order your gorgeous, unique Citrus Twist Tinted Roses, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING as always!
  5. Salmanasar | Garden Roses

    These captivating fresh-cut garden roses are available all year round. Salmanasar is a pink / peach garden rose with a big bloom and a strong fragrance. They are great for floral arrangements, bouquets and wedding centerpieces. In comparison to regular roses, these ones are much bigger and have a stronger fragrance. Garden roses work as a substitute for Peonies. Stem length: 50cm. Garden roses are packed in bunches of 12 stems. Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.
  6. Coral Peach Ranunculus

    Our Coral Peach Ranunculus are a top seller among brides and wedding planners! These flowers are sweet and romantic, and add the perfect touch to any boho-chic bridal bouquet or garden-style centerpiece. The multiple layers of soft, crepe paper-thin petals in these blooms add volume and delicacy to all your floral creations, especially when planning a Spring or Summer event. Shipped in bunches of 10 stems Bloom size ranges from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. Stem length: 16 inches on average.
  7. White Ranunculus

    Our White Ranunculus fresh cut flowers are extremely popular blooms for weddings and events due to their lovely and stylish look. Its delicate, pure white thin petals form a full round-shaped blossom that makes it a perfect focal flower. Use them in your floral arrangements or bouquets during any season for a graceful and romantic look. White ranunculus can be combined with other focal blooms like peonies, roses, or garden roses, but will also look stunning by themselves or mixed with some eucalyptus greenery. They are shipped in bunches of 10 stems. The bloom size will range from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. We recommend you to have them delivered 2 days prior the day of the event. Stem length: 16 inches on average.
  8. Lavender Rose Petals

    We are experts on Rose Petals! At Flower Explosion you will find great and fragrant collections of bulk fresh rose petals. Live and create the most beautiful and exciting celebrations. Make your wedding or sweet-sixteen party unique, these pink petals are the most evocative detail that you can add to your special occasion. We offer packs of 4 bags (around 4,000 petals) for a small celebration or a romantic evening, 7, 13 and even 26 bags (about 26,000 petals) for weddings and similar events. Please note that the amount of petals indicated per bag is an estimate based on an average weight of 250 Gr per bag. Depending on the petals size there may be a variation of the number of petals per bag of more or less 20%.
  9. Eskimo White Rose

    Eskimo is a stunning warm white rose with a large bud. Its color is between an Ivory Vendela Rose and pure white Mount Everest rose. When white roses are very fresh, they may look somehow green, specially on the outer petals. This is okay, they will gradually turn whiter as they bloom.
  10. Vendela Ivory Rose

    Vendela is a refined ivory rose. It is one of the most popular white/ivory wedding roses in America.

Items 1 to 10 of 49 total

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We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discovery) and PayPal. For registered customers that buy on a regular basis, check payments and wire transfers may be accepted upon submitting an application.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to all 50 States via FedEx. We also offer airport deliveries in major Canadian Airports, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. FlowerExplosion offers a different freight service for other countries. For more information check our international corporate services.

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How are the flowers packaged?

We have four different box sizes. The biggest one can fit up to 200 stemmed roses, on average. Fresh cut flowers are grouped in bunches, hydrated and pre-cooled before being shipped. A time span of only three to four days passes in between the harvesting of our flowers and their arrival to your door. That is the reason why our flowers are so fresh.

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