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Weddings can be very expensive, everybody knows that. The perfect venue, the photographer, the DJ, the catering service, the dress, the invitations… just to name a few! Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your big day’s dècor, and that is thanks to Gysophila! Commonly known as Baby’s Breath, these white, little, cloud-like, airy flowers, have been a very popular option as a filler on bridal bouquets for years. Things have changed recently, and nowadays you can see Baby’s Breath being the absolute protagonist on all sorts of designs.

This budget-friendly, long-lasting, versatile flower is available all year, and can be used in any kind of theme weddings: From rustic, to classy, to beachy, and anything in between! They are perfect for any season, but we love them especially for winter weddings, due to their snowy, dreamy look.

At Flower Explosion we have several Baby’s Breath varieties to help you decorate your dream wedding day. Order yours today!

baby's breath bridal bouquets

baby's breath flower crown

baby's breath centerpiece

baby's breath boutonniere

baby's breath garland