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Rainbow Roses

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Quick Overview

Rainbow roses are one of our most popular roses due to their vibrant and attention-grabbing colors. And yes- they're REAL!! These multicolored roses (sometimes called tie-dyed roses) are truly unique and colorful, great for any occasion. Rainbow roses are naturally grown white roses that receive a state-of-the-art treatment with an organic tint. They are sure to WOW and smiles are guaranteed!

We send only LONG STEM 50cm Premium Rainbow Roses with LARGE HEADS direct from the volcanic foothills of Ecuador. Most other companies send roses with the shortest stems and smallest heads possible. We think you deserve better than that. Order today. Shipping is always FREE!

About Rainbow Roses


Rainbow Roses

For thousands of years, roses have been the flower of love and romance. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used roses as symbols of the gods of love, Aphrodite and Venus, and associated this gorgeous bloom with notions of intimacy and secrecy, primarily the ability to convey meaning without using any words.

Today, roses continue to remain highly popular symbols of love, romance, and intimacy, with each color rose holding additional, individual meanings. Because of their beauty and sweet fragrance, roses are exceptional choices for any flower arrangements, gifts, or occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, graduations, and more.

In addition to a rose’s color holding special significance, there is also meaning to be found in the way that roses are presented. While a dozen roses are a well known symbol of adoration, there are some other unique things that you can say with the number of roses you choose to present:

- A single rose, regardless of color, is thought to depict utmost devotion.
- Two roses intertwined together are believed to say “marry me.”
- A gift of six roses symbolizes a desire to be loved and cherished.
- Eleven roses are an assurance to the gift receiver that they are deeply loved.
- A gift of thirteen roses is an indication of a secret admirer.

With so much meaning behind them, it’s no wonder that roses have endured such popularity for so many hundreds of years. And at Flower Explosion, we offer a wide selection of colorful and versatile roses and rose petals – including our unique and vibrant rainbow tinted roses – that are ideal for any occasion.

Our Rose Selection

We make it easy to find the perfect roses or rose petals for decorating your next event or showing a loved one just how much you care. Our extensive collection includes a variety of dazzling colors, each with their own unique meaning.

Red roses, which symbolize romantic love, beauty, courage, respect, and passion.
Pink roses
, which symbolize admiration, grace, joy, gratitude, and thanks.
Yellow roses, which symbolize gladness, friendship, delight, new beginnings, and deep caring.
White roses, which symbolize reverence, happy love, innocence, and youthfulness.   
Green roses, which symbolize life, growth, rejuvenation, bounty, and fertility.
Blue roses, which symbolize unattainability, rarity, prosperity, and immortality.
Black roses, which symbolize farewells, as well as the death of a feeling or idea.

Now what happens when you combine multiple colors into one single rose? Something truly magical. In addition to our natural and tinted single color roses, we also offer gorgeous organically tinted rainbow roses that are beautiful to behold and signify deep and honorable intentions.

Our multicolored roses bring all of the colors of the rainbow to life, and are created using a delicate, state of the art process that enables us to take fresh, real white roses and individually apply an organic tint to each petal. The result is intensely colorful roses that are simply stunning and must be seen to be believed. These multicolored roses (sometimes called tie dye roses) are one of the most popular choices we offer, and are guaranteed to grab the attention of anybody who sees them.

Order Rainbow Tinted Roses

When you’re looking for the most unique and special way to decorate your next event or tell someone just how much they mean to you, you can’t go wrong with our organically tinted multicolored roses. Our flower delivery service is specially designed to bring fresh, vibrant floral arrangements right where you want them, all at a reasonable cost.

We work with more than two dozen farms worldwide to ensure that you get flowers picked at their peak. When you place your order for our rainbow tinted roses, we’ll have your blooms hand cut to order at one of our farm partners, freshly tinted, securely packaged, and shipped to you quickly and efficiently. Flowers are shipped via cold storage so that we can ensure they remain fresh, and you will receive your bouquet delivery within three to four business days. We offer free shipping with FedEx, guaranteed with tracking.

Ordering rainbow roses for a big event? We offer wholesale rainbow tinted rose for arrangements of more than 250 roses, ideal for event planners and professional florists. We’ll even put together expertly crafted floral arrangements directly for brides at a fraction of what you would typically pay elsewhere. Our wholesale options are perfect for professionals and DIY-ers alike, and help you cut costs, ensure efficiency, and decorate events in a way that guests will never forget.

About Flower Explosion

Flower Explosion is your source for fresh, seasonal blooms at reasonable prices. We believe that the process of purchasing something as wonderful and sentimental as flowers shouldn’t be stressful, so we go out of our way to ensure that the bouquet you receive is top quality and delivered within a short time frame. We’ll follow along with your order every step of the way so that if a problem arises for any reason, we can be sure to take care of it quickly.

Our shipping process is simple – and free. Simply choose your favorite blooms, place your order and we’ll get them cut, packaged, and shipped directly to your door. No matter what it is that you’re looking for, from weddings or other special occasion flowers to floral gifts, wholesale flower arrangements, or just the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that the bouquet you receive is every bit as beautiful as you imagined it would be.

Explore our extensive collection of available flowers today by type, color, or occasion. Have a question or need some help designing the perfect floral arrangement? Easily get in touch with us on our contact page and we’ll respond as soon as we can. From delicate lilies and tulips to eye-catching rainbow tinted roses, we’re your go-to online shop for purchasing the freshest and most beautiful flowers in the world. 


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