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Tinted Black Roses

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Quick Overview

What makes Black Roses among the most favorite roses? It is due to its vibrant and attention-grabbing colors. More specially, Black Roses can not produced in nature, they were tinted black from the red roses with dye or black food coloring to give a black color appearance. This may sound surprising but black roses are among our top 5 best sellers! Whether to add pizzazz to a bouquet, decorate a theme party, or just make a statement, consumers are snapping up these eye-catching creations.

Our black roses delivery will be sure to keep all the flower freshness and beauty. Browse and select the beautiful tinted black roses on Flower Explosion today.

About Tinted Black Roses


Flower Explosion – Black Roses

 The illustrious black rose. It is as beautiful as it is mysterious, and unique. Our black roses are tinted to perfection radiating deep bold beauty.

 What Do Black Roses Mean?

 The black rose has come to represent more than darkness, goth, and the end. Black roses also symbolize “new beginnings”, such as the start of a new journey, conquering old habits, or exploring new territory. Thus evolving this mysterious rose into a solid symbol of strength, courage, and resistance.

 Flower Explosion's flagship black roses are actually one of our best sellers!

 Why Are Black Roses Popular?

 Black roses have a uniqueness just as enticing as their 'magical' appeal. It's no wonder so many are mesmerized by the sleek, vibrant, and attention-grabbing appeal of a black rose. There’s something about black roses that makes them special, not solely because they are unique but also because they cannot be produced in nature.

 What Are Black Roses Used For?

 Black roses serve as a perfect complement to any event. Black tie affairs, weddings, Halloween parties, and home-going ceremonies. The possibilities extend as far as your imagination will allow.

 Black roses can also be added to a colorful bouquet to add bold pops of rich vibrance to any arrangement.

 Tinted Black Roses

 The expert team at Flower Explosion is highly talented and experienced in tinting roses and rose petals. Each rose stem is cut, briefly dried, and then tinted or dyed with

organic flower extract dyes that are absorbed by the petals to produce vibrant black colors. Our unique process ensures that our Tinted Black Roses are not damaged in the dyeing process. The process of black roses delivery will keep all the freshness and beauty of these flowers.

 Black Roses Delivery

 The team at Flower Explosion takes great care in preparing every customer order. Being one of the leading farm-direct flower suppliers in America since 2009, Flower Explosion ensures that each rose is hand-cut to perfection and properly dried and cooled prior to shipping and delivery.

 Flower Explosion ensures that every customer order is packed with the utmost care, and shipped via our signature cold storage method. It's our goal to be sure that each and every order arrives beautifully bloomed and fresh. This is a Flower Explosion guarantee.

 Flower Explosion also offers free shipping and delivery options via FedEx so customers can track their orders and rest assured that they will arrive on time.

 Exceptional Service

 Contact Flower Explosion to speak with the team about our tinted black roses and other floral combinations and packages today. 

Stem Length Conversion 40 cm = 16 in 50 cm = 20 in 60 cm = 24 in 70 cm = 28 in
Extra Information

The packaging process occurs at the farm, where a certified worker will prepare your roses for their journey. If you wish to have these roses prepared in a bouquet with more filler flowers please see our Customizable Gift Box


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