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  1. Green Ball

    Green ball also known as 'GreenWicky®' is a non-flowering form of sweet William, with vibrant green pompom heads. It is similar to GreenTrick but the 'petals' are somewhat coarser. Stem lengths available: 50, 60, 70, 80 cm. Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.
  2. Willow Fresh Eucalyptus Greenery

    Willow Fresh Eucalyptus is a delicate and aromatic filler with long thin leaves, perfect for adding a romantic and cascading look to any bridal bouquet. Make romantic centerpieces or ethereal flower crowns with this beautiful greenery. You can also pair it with soft, chic flowers, such as Flower Explosion premium garden roses, anemones, or ranunculus, to create a picture-perfect arrangement. Its forest green and grey-ish tones combine beautifully with pure white flowers. Check our stunning white blooms and get some ideas!
  3. Baby Blue Eucalyptus

    Our Baby Blue Eucalyptus is an aromatic filler with small round leaves that run the length of the stems. The unique mix of dusty green and blue-ish coloration and the long and slim stems, make this foliage perfect for making bouquets with lots of contrast, texture, and height. Combine this greenery with some Flower Explosion soft, romantic fresh flowers, such as lavender spray roses, pink garden roses or our stunning Vuvuzela Salmon Garden Rose. Order your Baby Blue Eucalyptus today at wholesale prices and unbeatable value!
  4. Large Green Succulent Flower

    These are HUGE succulent flowers! They are great for rustic or barn style wedding decor such as centerpieces, floral arches, and all sorts of arrangements. Combine them with eucalyptus, garden roses, anemones, or gerberas for an eye-catching display. Large green succulents need little to no water and have a very long vase life, which make them a perfect eco-friendly option for your event. Wholesale prices available at Flower Explosion, shipping is always free!
  5. Wintergreen Succulent Flower

    Succulent flowers are extremely versatile and can be used for many events and floral arrangements. Our wintergreen succulent flowers come in a frosted green hue with the stalk ends accented by rosée tones. This popular wedding bloom stands out in beachy, vintage, or modern bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Order yours now at wholesale prices and make your dream wedding a reality!
  6. Desert Queen Succulent

    Desert Queen Succulent is a unique bloom that is sure to call everyone's attention at beachy, rustic, or vintage themed weddings. Mix them with other fresh cut flowers including anemones, garden roses, pink veronicas, and eucalyptus for a gorgeous bridal bouquet. Its rosy tipped stalks pair especially well with flowers in any shade of pink. Succulents are strong and need very little water, which makes for a really long vase life. Order yours today at wholesale prices. Shipping is always free!
  7. Mandala Succulent Flower

    Mandala Succulent Flower is a very trendy fresh cut bloom with a frosted green color. It's zen-like shape adds a distinctive touch to bouquets, centerpieces, and other flower arrangements. These succulents complement well with ranunculus, garden roses, and even sunflowers. Create any theme for your event with these blooms including romantic, boho-chic, beachy and modern. They last a long time without water and make lovely gifts for friends and family to remember your big day.
  8. Thistle Eryngium Green

    Eryngium is a thistle green flower that will fill your event with happines and beauty, commonly used for bouquets and floral arrangements.
  9. Light Green Alstroemerias

    Alstros are some of our favorite flowers due to their outstanding vase life time. They can last up to 20 days upon arrival once being processed! Alstroemeria is also known as Peruvian Lily. Our alstros are shipped with an open bud almost ready to bloom, protected with a net in bunches of 10 stems. It usually takes between 2 to 3 days for the blooms to properly open. We recommend you to have them delivered 3 or 4 days prior the event day.
  10. Green Spray Roses

    Green Spray roses, sometimes used as sweetheart roses, are gorgeous roses that have several petite blooms per stem. Each stem has 3 to 5 blooms per stem on average. They are a nice detail for wedding arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces. As carnations, spray roses will arrive in bud form. Once they are hydrated, the blooms will open and double its size. Stem length: Regular (50cm). Spray roses are packed in bunches of 10 stems. Please check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.

Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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We have four different box sizes. The biggest one can fit up to 200 stemmed roses, on average. Fresh cut flowers are grouped in bunches, hydrated and pre-cooled before being shipped. A time span of only three to four days passes in between the harvesting of our flowers and their arrival to your door. That is the reason why our flowers are so fresh.

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