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  1. Willow Fresh Eucalyptus Greenery

    Willow Fresh Eucalyptus is a delicate and aromatic filler with long thin leaves, perfect for adding a romantic and cascading look to any bridal bouquet. Make romantic centerpieces or ethereal flower crowns with this beautiful greenery. You can also pair it with soft, chic flowers, such as Flower Explosion premium garden roses, anemones, or ranunculus, to create a picture-perfect arrangement. Its forest green and grey-ish tones combine beautifully with pure white flowers. Check our stunning white blooms and get some ideas!
  2. Dusty Miller Flat Leaf

    These popular greens adapt perfectly to any kind of event and any season. Dusty Miller Flat Leaf displays a soft frosted sage green color that makes any flower pop with gorgeous contrast. Its velvety leafs are perfect for romantic or whimsical looks. Add a touch of delight to any flower arrangement or centerpiece with this stunning greenery. Pro tip: Place Dusty Miller by itself or paired with other blooms in a wood box for a great texture and color contrast!
  3. Willow Fresh Eucalyptus Garland

    This is the perfect garland to use on your wedding decorations! Put it on the table to make a gorgeous table runner centerpiece or hang it for a beautiful backdrop. Also, Willow Fresh Eucalyptus makes for a stunning Christmas decoration over the fireplace. Our garlands come in a wide range of lengths and greenery options to accommodate to your needs. Order now and enjoy FREE Shipping!
  4. Ruscus Garland

    Our Ruscus Garland is a beautiful bright green that can be used in multiple ways! Run down the center of your tables, place over chairs, archways or banisters to make the perfect event decoration! You can use it by itself or add fresh flowers or berries to it for a more festive look. Shipping is always FREE!
  5. Tree Fern Garland

    This soft and romantic garland adds the perfect woodland feel to any event or celebration! Our Tree Fern Garland looks great on tabletops, fireplaces or banisters! You can dress it up with ornaments or little lights to create your unique holiday decoration. Drape it across your wedding altar or use it as a table runner to create an alpine winter wedding look. Simply stunning! You can use it alone or spruce it up with other Flower Explosion blooms for extra romance.
  6. Tree Fern and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland

    The soft, feathery texture of the dark tree fern, contrasts beautifully with the sage green, flat leaves of the silver dollar eucalyptus. A gorgeous pairing that brings a garden, fresh look into any wedding or event! Drape it on your wedding altar, along the tables, use it as backdrop or decorate your chairs with this garland! The possibilities are almost endless. Pair it with some of Flower Explosion favorite wedding flowers for an extra touch of color and whimsy.
  7. Ruscus and Baby Blue Eucalyptus Garland

    Add a touch of green to your special event or simply brighten up your home for the holidays! Our Ruscus and Baby Blue Eucalyptus Garland makes decorating for any occasion easy! Use it alone as a table runner or add a pop of color with fresh cut flowers from Flower Explosion. A romantic and fresh look that suits any celebration. Shipping is always FREE.
  8. Wedding X-Pression | Peach Garden Rose

    A true romantic and delightful rose. Wedding X-Pression displays a light peach color on the outer petals and a much richer tone inside, creating a stunning contrast on its big, ruffled bloom. This gorgeous rose would be a great way to add texture and an antique look to your bridal bouquet or centerpieces. Ideal for a rustic outdoor wedding look, but also for more boho-chic styles. Wedding X-Pression is shipped directly from our farms to your doorstep, and as always, shipping is FREE. Stem length: 50cm. Garden roses are packed in bunches of 12 stems. Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.
  9. White Cloud | Ivory White Garden Rose

    This cloud-like, fluffy and full garden rose is perfect for classic weddings or baby showers. With an amazingly sweet fragrance, this delicate and graceful flower displays soft ivory white petals that curl into a gorgeous textured center. Pair them with other white, soft petaled blooms for a gorgeous monochromatic bouquet or create a vintage inspired look for your wedding combining it with Dusty Miller greenery. Stem length: 50cm. Garden roses are packed in bunches of 12 stems. Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.
  10. Sunset X-Pression | Orange Garden Rose

    If you are looking for a stunning, bright colored, unique garden rose, look no further! Sunset X-Pression is a very beautiful large bloom that displays a blend of sunset colors that go from a yellow center to bold orange accents, ending on crisp punch red tips and outer petals. A very cheerful flower that will blend gorgeously in autumn inspired bouquets, combined with other bright summer blooms such as sunflowers, or paired with monstera leaves for a unique tropical look. Bring the sunset into your wedding or event with this rare and eye-catching garden rose! Stem length: 50cm. Garden roses are packed in bunches of 12 stems. Check the information box below for cm to inches conversion.

Items 1 to 10 of 107 total

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